Speak everyday Greek in no time and enjoy your holiday

Only 9,90 €

Speak everyday Greek in no time and enjoy your holiday

Only 9,90 €

Welcome to easyGreek

…wander around, visit museums, order at a restaurant, take a taxi and so much more, speaking with the locals the Greek way!

A crash course for those about to visit Greece and want to have a basic knowledge of the language. It is ideal for someone who wants to have their first acquaintance with the Greek language.

We believe that you learn Greek FASTER when you are having FUN and enjoy what you are doing. You'll make progress if the sort of language you learn is useful and presented in a believable, FAMILIAR context.

easyGreek FAST
easyGreek FUN
easyGreek FAMILIAR

It presents the basic and practical elements of the language which are necessary for their daily interaction. In particular, emphasis is laid on vocabulary mostly used in everyday communication.

Benefits Include

  • Voice guidelines & enriched navigation panel
  • Presentation of interactive dialogues (Key language)
  • Oral Exercises (Over to you)
  • Interactive translation exercises
  • Tables for Interactive presentation of vocabulary
  • "Now I Understand" exercises
  • Drag & drop, multiple choice assesements
  • Dynamic visual text reading
  • Grammar presentation sections
  • Dynamic translation topics
  • Content is presented via an interactive multimedia player with easy-to-use navigation panel

Course Structure

With over 80 years of experience in aiding people to speak multiple languages, our system has been designed especially to help the learner speak Greek effectively, accurately and in a short period of time.

The coursse is divided into manageable bite-sized units that you can work through at a speed that suits you.
Each unit you learn the language using a number of techniques including:

  • UNIT 1 Introducing yourself
  • UNIT 2 Saying Please
  • UNIT 3 Locations
  • UNIT 4 The Family
  • UNIT 5 Directions
  • UNIT 6 Speaking at home
  • UNIT 7 I like it here
  • UNIT 8 Fantastic
easyGreek LISTEN
easyGreek SPEAK

Please be aware: This learning content can only be used on Android devices running version at minimum Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) onwards or iOS devices running version 10.3 onwards. Please check your device is compatible before purchase.