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How it works

easyGreek Buy and receive
your Activation Code
by e-mail
easyGreek Download the application
on your device (iOS - Android)
easyGreek Activate your
device with
your code. (up to 3 devices)

In order to gain access to easyGreek learning content you should firstly buy a license by clicking “START SPEAKING”.

Payment procedure is secure and can be done either through PayPal or by Credit Card.

On completing the payment you will receive an email with your activation code.

Open the app store application on your mobile device in order to download the easyGreek application.

Be aware that the learning content can only be used in Android and iOS devices running at minimum Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) and iOS 10.3 respectively.

Each code enables you to activate three devices at most. If you wish to transfer your activation to a different device you should firstly deactivate one of your already activated devices to do so.


Please be aware: This learning content can only be used on Android devices running version at minimum Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) onwards or iOS devices running version 10.3 onwards. Please check your device is compatible before purchase.